Searching for the terrorist
Searching for the terrorist Ehud Amiton/TPS

When the name of the terrorist responsible for the deadly Tel Aviv shooting attack became known, along with the location of his residence, public address systems were heard calling out, "Allahu akhbar," playing "nationalist" songs, and announcing support for the terrorist and the "heroic action" which he carried out in "Tel Al-Rabia," the Arab name for Tel Aviv, the Jewish city founded in 1909 on bare stretches of sand dunes near Jaffa.

Terrorist Ra'ad Hazam was eliminated in Jaffa early Friday morning. According to security sources, he did not belong to any terror group.

The announcements on the mosques' public address system were called in the name of the nationalist and Islamic forces, among them the Fatah movement, to which Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas belongs; and the Islamic Jihad and Hamas terror groups.

On one Telegram channel affiliated with Arab terror organizations, terrorist Ra'ad Hazam was called, "the lion of the [Al-Quds] troops," and his name was included in a list of 31 terrorists from the Jenin area "who defended Falastin in the past two years." Also included in the list is Bnei Brak terrorist Dia Hamarsha.

Thousands came from Jenin and the surrounding villages, marching towards the home of the terrorist's family in order to express support.

On social media, they wrote, "Allah's victory is achieved through blood," and "The Al-Aqsa troops promised a response to the crime of murdering its sons in Jenin - and the troops did not neglect their duty."

The terrorist's father came out to the masses who had arrived outside the family's Jenin home and said, "Victory will come soon. In the coming days you will see the change. You will be free and independent. God, free Al-Aqsa mosque from the hands of the occupation."