Scene of the Meron disaster
Scene of the Meron disaster David Cohen/Flash90

The staff working at the gravesite of Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai (Rashbi) in Meron are working nonstop; dozens of pilgrims are praying on Mount Meron, and at the entrance someone is standing and asking for donations. Everything continues as usual, and nothing seems out of place or reminiscent of the disaster last year, when 45 people were killed at the site.

But the fences nearby hint to reminders of the disaster, Israel Hayom notes.

On a sign signed by rabbis are the words, "This issue obligates us to fix and strengthen the boundaries of modesty at the holy gravesite."

Israel Hayom noted that the actions taken at the site anger many: Each week, structures not built in accordance with the law are demolished. On Monday, the Supreme Court authorized the demolition of six structures built illegally on agricultural land. On the wall near the grave, the words, "Cursed Zionists, take your impure hands off of the holy Mount Meron," have been spray-painted.

Just a few meters from there is the place where 45 pilgrims were killed last year. The narrow passageway has been destroyed, and fences block access to it. Most of the work will not be completed in the coming month.