Ariella Sternbuch at the circumcision
Ariella Sternbuch at the circumcisionCourtesy

A year and a half after the Chayut family lost their son Yedidya in the Meron disaster, friends and family gathered to celebrate the circumcision of the family's youngest son.

The ceremony took place on Monday, and in it, the new baby was named Yehonatan.

Channel 13 News reporter Ariella Sternbuch was honored with the role of "kvatter," receiving the infant from his mother and bringing him to his father in the men's section.

ברית לאח של ידידיה חיות שנהרג באסון מירוןללא קרדיט

Ariella later shared footage of the event on Twitter, telling of the connection she has forged with the Chayut family following the disaster last year.

"One of the most difficult moments when I covered the Meron disaster was when I met Noa, the mother of Avigdor Chayut, crying in the hallway of the hospital. Together we tried to search for her grandson, Yedidya, in the groups of missing people which had been opened. Since then, we have maintained a connection," Sternbuch said.

"At the circumcision, Avigdor requested that I serve as 'kvatter' and bring him Yehonatan, the tiny infant who will not merit to meet his older brother, who will remain 13 years old forever."