The flag parade
The flag paradeFlash 90

Despite the declaration by sources in the government that the "flag parade" will take place next week Tuesday, its organizers on Thursday announced that the parade will not take place.

Following a discussion with the Jerusalem police, the parade's organizers told Arutz Sheva: "Unfortunately, the plan presented to us by the police does not express the purpose of the parade. We believe in the abilities of Israel Police and the decision-makers to allow a parade of the Jewish nation, with Israeli flags, in the capital city of the State of Israel."

Arutz Sheva has discovered that the police offered the organizers that the parade will leave from the direction of Safra Square, and afterwards 200 marchers will be allowed to continue until the stairs of Damascus Gate and dance there. From there, the marchers will turn around and enter the Old City through Jaffa Gate.

The police offered to allow 400 marchers to march towards the Western Wall through the Arab marketplace, while all the others march to the Western Wall via the Jewish Quarter.

One of the organizers spoke Thursday on the phone with Jerusalem District Police Commander Doron Turgeman. According to him, it was a very difficult conversation.

"They are very angry that we are insisting on the Muslim Quarter," he said. "I told him that this event could allow the division of Jerusalem. I'm sorry."

The organizers said: "Jerusalem is the eternal city and the heart of our nation. From it, generations upon generations have drawn a spirit of fortitude. We hope with all our hearts that the necessary steps will be taken to allow us to march safely through the streets of Jerusalem, as soon as possible."

The parade was originally scheduled to take place last month, but was delayed due to threats by Hamas and the beginning of Operation Guardian of the Walls. As a result, the parade was rescheduled from May 10 to June 10. However, that plan was later scrapped, sparking outrage from patriotic Israelis.