The Likud under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu this week launched an extensive effort to woo voters who made Aliyah from English-speaking countries, including releasing English campaign material and scheduling in-person and online events.

An online Anglo townhall meeting in partnership with the Tel Aviv International Salon will take place on Tuesday 9th March at 8:00 p.m. Jerusalem time.

The townhall is free of charge and open to those who register. The Jerusalem Post’s Lahav Harkov, the popular Anglo journalist and political analyst, will interview the premier, while also fielding questions from the public.

More events will be announced in the coming days with focus on Anglo communities in Israel.

An English campaign video released on Wednesday features Netanyahu warning voters not to sit on the side-lines or Yair Lapid will be elected prime minister. Netanyahu argued that a vote for Gideon Saar or Naftali Bennett will result in Lapid becoming prime minister.

“Anglo-Israelis with families abroad understand the impact of a statesman like Prime Minister Netanyahu,” said Avi Hyman, Director of the Likud’s Anglo campaign. “We believe that Anglos will come out in force for the Likud and Netanyahu.”

Hyman added: “They see how Netanyahu personally made Israel the world leader in vaccinations and now Israel is the first country to open its economy with the Green Passport. They understand how he has changed the face of the Middle East with four historic peace treaties and stands as an iron fist against Iran. And they know that he will make Israel the fastest growing post corona economy on earth.”

Besides Hyman, the Likud’s campaign manager, Aaron Klein, is also an Anglo. Klein was the chief strategist for the previous Israeli election in which Likud garnered more individual votes than any party in Israeli history.