Rafi Peretz
Rafi Peretz Olivier Fitoussi/Flash90

Jerusalem Affairs Minister Rafi Peretz, who also serves as chairman of the Jewish Home party, is considering a possible departure from politics, and will make a decision on the matter in the next few days, Walla has reported.

Peretz is widely expected to resign from the Jewish Home party, with party officials announcing Monday that the faction is in talks with Yamina for a joint run in the upcoming Knesset election.

If Peretz does resign as chairman of the Jewish Home, he is likely to be replaced by party secretary-general Nir Orbach, who would be included on a joint list with Yamina in the event the two party’s reach an agreement for a joint run.

According to the Walla report, if Peretz does resign from politics, he will continue to serve as Jerusalem Affairs Minister until the next government is sworn in.

The Jewish Home received just one seat in the March 2020 election, running as part of the Yamina joint ticket.

Shortly after the election, however, Peretz split off from Yamina, establishing the Jewish Home as an independent Knesset faction.