Belz synagogue in Jerusalem
Belz synagogue in Jerusalem Flash90

Israeli police have decided to open a criminal investigation following the mega-wedding that hosted thousands last night (Wednesday) at the headquarters of the Belzer Rebbe’s grandson in Jerusalem, held in a closed hall in Jerusalem, in violation of the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

Although police were on hand for the occasion, they refrained from intervening in the event.

Participants were instructed not to carry devices that could document the ceremony into the hall, and an official order was presented to wear masks.

The documented chuppah ceremony was held in the synagogue's courtyard. Documentation from it.

Police initially held preliminary meetings with event organizers in an effort to prevent a violation of Ministry of Health directives. After the wedding went ahead as planned, four of the organizers were fined NIS 5,000. Police also opened an investigation for licensing misdemeanors by the venue.

The Chief Rabbi of the Israel Police, Chief Rabbi Rami Brachyahu, asked the public to implement the potentially life-saving directives. "We all hope that the plague comes to an end, and we can all return to the regular routine."

The police statement read: "The police view such a blatant violation of health safety regulations seriously and will continue to enforce these to assure the public's health and safety."

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