IKEAFlash 90

IKEA announced on Sunday that their traditional summer sale will not take place, so as to prevent large gatherings of people due to the coronavirus outbreak, Israel Hayom reported.

Instead, IKEA will present "special offers" on a variety of products. These offers will be published on the company website beginning on July 1.

Customers will be able to purchase the discounted products at a 10% discount, throughout the month of July.

The number of discounted products will be less than usual, and availability depends on the stock in each store.

The sale will run from July 1 to July 31, in all five of the chain's stores.

Usually, the summer sale allows IKEA to rid itself of old inventory, making space for new products in time for the holiday season.

Last week, IKEA announced that it would cut its hours, promising to work to bring additional employees back to regular working.