Dagan, Dahan
Dagan, Dahan Spokesman

Residents of Samaria, leaders of localities, members of the Council security department, and Samaria Council head Yossi Dagan held a farewell ceremony for Samaria Brigade Commander Colonel Sagiv Dahan.

The participants toured Mount Eval and thanked Colonel Dahan for his activities to maintain residents' security and cooperation between the IDF and residents.

"We say farewell to the Samaria Brigade Commander, my friend Sagiv Dahan, here on Mount Eval, where the first Hebrew commander, Yehoshua Ben-Nun, held the ceremony for entering the country," said Council head Dagan. "I salute you and thank you, on my behalf and on behalf of all the residents of Samaria, for a wonderful period of cooperation. We have proven that with joint work and Jewish unity the sky is the limit. You protected the residents of Samaria and hence all the residents of the State of Israel."

Col. Dahan was moved during the ceremony and said goodbye to the residents of Samaria: "I'm proud to serve you in this place. This is my home; I wanted to say thank you for a wonderful time."

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