Bennett and Netanyahu
Bennett and Netanyahu Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Yamina chairman MK Naftali Bennett criticized Prime Minister Netanyahu following the cancellation of the decision to offset the salaries the Palestinian Authority (PA) pays to terrorists and their families.

"Mr. Prime Minister, why don't you offset payments to the murders of Israelis?" Bennett wrote Tuesday evening in his Twitter account.

"I submitted the full report to the National Security Council on December 31, 2019, as required by law," Bennett noted. "To make the actual offsets you have to convene the Cabinet and do it."

"For some reason, you have not done this so far. But it is not too late. Everything is ready for approval. Just give a directive. It is up to you. We will follow," the former defense minister added

Earlier Tuesday evening, Channel 13 News reported that Israel had stopped offsetting the PA's payments to terrorists from the tax money it collects on the PA's behalf, despite a law mandating that such funds be deducted.