Netanyahu at General Assembly
Netanyahu at General Assembly Avi Ohayon/GPO

The story of the longest-serving Prime Minister in the history of the State of Israel, Binyamin Netanyahu, is coming to Hollywood in the near future. According to 'Variety Magazine' Emmy-award winning screenwriter Kirk Ellis is working on a TV series focusing on the life of Netanyahu based on "The Netanyahu Years," Ma'ariv journalist Ben-Caspit's best-selling biography.

Ellis wrote the screenplay for a miniseries about America's second president, John Adams, which appeared on HBO from March to April of 2008. The hit show won four Golden Globes and 13 Emmys—more than any other miniseries in the history of Hollywood.

Now, Ellis will try to work his magic while portraying the triumphs and setbacks of one of the most successful diplomats on the world stage. The series will deal with Netanyahu's life story from his childhood as a driven, athletic youth in one of Jerusalem's premier neighborhoods to his career in politics.

Tel Aviv-based Abot Hameiri, a Fremantle company will be tasked with production of the series.

"Ben Caspit’s insightful reporting demonstrates how private life always shapes public affairs, and there’s no shortage of conflict – or opinions – when it comes to Binyamin Netanyahu," said Ellis. "I’m thrilled and honored to be working with Guy and the entire Abot Hameiri team to bring this story to life," he added.

This will be the first documentary covering Netanyahu's life - both in the personal and political realm from his high school years in Philadelphia to his university life at MIT to his brother Yoni Netanyahu's death during the hostage freeing operation in Entebbe, to his political career with the Likud beginning in the 1980's.

Stay tuned for the series opener.