In a discussion of the Knesset Finance Committee, MK Mickey Levy (Yesh Atid) attacked the Finance Ministry's intention to impose a tax on the grant that the State will disburse to the self-employed.

"You're completely crazy," he said. "What are you doing? From the 6,000 NIS [grant] they'll be left with just 3,070 NIS. One hand gives the grant while the other hand takes it away. Forgo the tax for three months."

"It's unbelievable," he added. "The director of the Tax Authority supports forgoing this tax, and the Budget Department opposes it."

Institute of Tax Consultants in Israel President Yaron Gindi emphasized: "The only solution to save the Israeli economy is to fully reopen everything when this health crisis ends. We won't be able to do that, because the business sector won't be able to stand on its feet in light of the Finance Ministry's plan."

"Their plan is completely disconnected from reality and what really needs to be done. I can't believe my eyes, they're leading us to destruction and anarchy. For instance, a woman who is self-employed and earns 10,000 NIS [each month] and whose husband is self-employed and earns 20,000 NIS [each month] or more won't receive a single shekel according to this plan, because they're over the ceiling that was set.

"Someone who is an employee and is now unemployed due to the crisis can receive compensation of up to 73,000 NIS. Someone who is self-employed can receive up to 14,000 NIS. Someone who is an employee, it doesn't matter what their spouse makes. If they are self-employed their spouse can only make so much [before they won't qualify for the grant]. There's no limit to how much an employee can earn, but someone who is self-employed can only earn up to 16,000 NIS and receive the maximum, and from 20,000 NIS and up they won't get a shekel.

"At the end of the day, what we need to do is ensure that the business sector does not collapse: Self-employed people who don't employ others should receive unemployment as if they were employees, those are self-employed and employ others should receive X."