mother of minor detained by Shin Bet
mother of minor detained by Shin BetHonenu

The mother of one of the minors who was arrested by the Shin Bet earlier this week and who is banned from seeing an attorney appealed to the Prime Minister, the Justice Minister, and the Defense Minister and demanded that they supervise the investigation.

The mother, a resident of a well-known community in the center of the country, expressed her concern over what occurs in the 'Shin Bet's basements,' especially in light of past affairs. "My son and his friends have been in the Shin Bet facility for a week. We don't know what's going on with our son. We have heard that terrible things which are illegal happen there."

She added, "I am addressing the Minister of Justice, I am addressing Prime Minister Netanyahu, to Minister of Defense Bennett, to anyone who can investigate what is going on there and stop this thing, everything that is against the law. You cannot let them do what they want in contravention of state law."

"We know that our boys are in a bad situation. There is no law and there is no daylight and you have to stop it. Our boys need to get out immediately," she concluded.