Iron Dome battery near Beer Sheva
Iron Dome battery near Beer Sheva Flash 90

The house of Batsheva Hadad from Netivot was directly hit by one of the rockets fired from Gaza. Fortunately for Batsheva and her family, they managed to enter the protected space and were saved. "It's a big miracle, I have no words," Batsheva told Channel 13 News shortly after the incident. "Thanks to the Holy Blessed One; it isn't self-evident that we'd enter the shelter on time, that we'd close the door on time. Although there was damage to property, thank G-d not to lives."

Batsheva said she lost her daughter this year after a long battle with illness and last night before the escalation began to feel bad: "Unfortunately, five months ago I lost my daughter, Michal, from a serious illness. Last night I had a very bad feeling, I cried non-stop."

"At 8:30 there was a Red Alert siren for the first time, we ran as usual to the protected room. Last time we also quickly entered the protected room. It should be noted that the protected room is something that saves people and must not be underestimated. We heard 'boom' and there was a power outage, we realized something had happened inside the house. When I went out, I was crying and shaking, I saw a lot of water dripping from the ceiling and I realized there was an explosion of the boiler or something."

Levana Haddad, Batsheva's daughter, also told of the difficult incident they experienced: "There was a siren and then we ran to the shelter. We heard a loud 'boom' and when we left we saw the whole house destroyed. My mom really took it hard. Inside the house all the ceiling was collapsing, all the roof, even from the outside."

She says she has difficulty accepting this reality even in the case of eliminating a senior terrorist. "We didn't think it would happen. We were calm, we're used to this reality. I don't think it's worth eliminating one person. It's my home, it's my security."

Shiraz Cohen, 12, of Sderot, was scheduled to celebrate her Bat Mitzvah tonight, but due to the security situation, the event was postponed. Mayor Alon Davidi and the City and Community Center staff came to cheer her up.