Studies from show that around 18% of the human population suffer with anxiety, and this is even greater in the workplace. Data showed a lack of employee assistance programmes and uptake of individuals using them when offered, coupled by the rise of ‘perfectionism’ and lack of breaks in the workplace were only contributing to more anxiety issues and mental health.

The start-up nation and generation continue to innovate in this sector, offering new products for help and well-being.


More and more people are adopting apps such as Calm and other meditating apps to help you slow down your day and clear your mind. Different techniques are offered via the app through breathing and stories to help you keep calm and sleep better.

Talkspace is a text-message platform which gives you immediate access to a therapist by text or video, starting from $49 per week. The company, founded by Israeli, Roni Frank, plans to be prescribe medication and drugs through its platform.


Innovative start-up BorrowMyDoggy pairs up people looking to play with dogs and dog-owners who need sitters. Canine friends have been proven to help with anxiety and this matching platform is a clever use of resources.

For those with anxiety and trouble sleeping, an Australian based start-up called Calming Blankets has introduced weighted blankets to provide every comfort when you sleep. The added weight can activate the nervous system, helping you to identify where your body parts are in relation to your environment. Their website explains that this allows you to ‘calm down faster, relax more easily, and sleep more soundly.’


More and more companies are adopting breakout areas in their offices for resting, meditation and other ways to cool anxiety. The concept of sleeping pods was introduced years ago by the likes of Google and Facebook but is making its way into every day offices and co-working spaces.

The rise of employee benefits is acting as a way to overcome anxiety, whether it is free lunches, gym passes or childcare vouchers or crèche facilities to reduce stress.

Israeli-backed yu life offers a group life insurance product, which comes with a downloadable app and offers reward for every mile you walk and for taking part in yoga and meditation. Users can receive Amazon vouchers, free drinks from local cafes and more.