IDF Chief of Staff visits Gaza Division
IDF Chief of Staff visits Gaza Division IDF spokesperson

Lieutenant Colonel Avihai Edrei, the IDF's spokesman in Arabic, sent a clear message to the Arabs of the Gaza Strip Thursday, stating that rocket attacks and terrorist attacks will result in the disruption of normal life in Gaza.

"The Gaza Strip is in the midst of a process in which civilian measures are being implemented that bring significant improvements in the civilian life of the Gaza Strip in the short and long term," Edrei said.

"It is enough to look at the state of electricity, fishing, export in the Strip before and after. The Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist organization is working to undermine, disrupt and harm these understandings. Palestinian Islamic Jihad has carried out and plans to carry out attacks, including rocket fire. Israel cannot and will not accept such attacks," he added.

According to Edrei: "The implications for failure to carry out the measures planned for the Gaza Strip would be caused by the Islamic Jihad." He called on Hamas governor in the Gaza Strip "to enforce his authority over Palestinian Islamic Jihad and prevent these attacks."

"We are determined to protect the citizens of Israel. We do not intend to accept rocket attacks on our citizens. We have no problem with the people of the Gaza Strip - quite the opposite! Those who carry out terrorist attacks will prevent the improvement of the situation in the Gaza Strip and promoting the steps taken and those planned. This will harm the entire population of the Gaza Strip," the IDF spokesman warned.

Last night, IDF fighter jets attacked a number of Hamas terrorist targets in the Gaza Strip in response to rocket fire toward Israel. Among other targets, the air force destroyed Hamas's naval base in northern Gaza.