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Soccer (illustration)Flash 90

An athlete in the Arab Premier Soccer League decided to celebrate after scoring a goal by honoring the murderer of Rabbi Raziel Shevach.

The athlete took off his jersey to reveal his T-shirt emblazoned with the picture of Ahmad Nasser Jarar, the terrorist who headed the cell that murdered Rabbi Raziel Shevach in January and ran around the stadium to rapturous applause from fans.

The incident is not the first time that the Arab Premier League, which is headed by Jibril Rajoub, has been accused of supporting terrorism. A previous soccer tournament held in Jerusalem's Abu Dis neighborhood featured a number of teams named for terrorists who murdered Jews.

Names of the different clubs included in the event included the "Shahid Abu Jihad team" honoring the terrorist responsible for the deaths of 125 Israeli civilians and the "Shahid Khaled Nazal group" paying homage to the terrorist responsible for the 1972 Maalot massacre.

In addition, an eastern Jerusalem soccer team held a moment of silence for Abu Sabich, who murdered a policeman at Jerusalem's AMmunition Hill in March 2016.

Rajoub, for his part, is known for his inciting statements against Israel, which include claiming in a television interview that Nazi leader Adolf Hitler could have learned from Israel about extermination camps.

He has suggested in the past that Israel "should be removed", and last year supported Hamas's threats to kidnap IDF soldiers on PA TV.