Anesthesiologist צילום: iStock

An anesthesiologist at the Assuta hospital in Ashdod sought to memorialize the first operation performed in a new operating room that was inaugurated just yesterday, and published a picture of him and of his patient when he was anesthetized and being operated on, Israel Hayom reported.

"First general anesthesia, first intubation in Assuta, Ashdod," the doctor wrote in a post that has since been removed, filming a tube being inserted into the patient's trachea.

"I have to say it's an irritating act," Said Dr. Tami Karni, Chairwoman of the Ethics Bureau of the Israel Medical Association and chief of the mastectomy department in Assaf Harofe hospital who was asked to respond to the incident.

"A doctor is not allowed to expose his patient, which is a violation of the patient's autonomy and medical confidentiality, and is totally unacceptable behavior.

"Even if the patient's consent was sought, it was appropriate to wait until after the surgery and to be certain that consent had been given before publicizing it, and to be sure that consent was not given while the patient was shortly before surgery, and it would have been uncomfortable for him to refuse."However, she noted, "This is a more serious act when you can identify the person, when you do not recognize him, it is less embarrassing."

According to her, following the submission of the complaint to the Ethics Office, she will ask the doctor for his explanation, and in light of his answers, it will be decided whether he will face an inquiry committee that will be able to impose sanctions against him.

"We see great importance in protecting the dignity and privacy of all patients," Assuta Hospital said, adding that the doctor was immediately summoned for clarification, apologized, and removed the post.The doctor wanted to emphasize that he had asked the patient's permission to take a picture of him during the operation.