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A 13 year old Jewish boy was attacked by a gang of Arab youths while riding to his local soccer field.

The incident began when the youths grabbed the boy off of his bicycle and began to ride it.

The boy asked them for the bike back, and in response he was kicked an Arab boy who was with the gang.

The gang proceeded to beat the boy and sprayed him with deodorant.

A group of Jewish youths saw the beating and rescued the boy from his attackers.

Police were called to the scene immediately and found the attackers playing soccer in the field the boy had attempted to reach. A police officer referred the case to his local police station, but refused to detain the attackers. When the father of the victim reacted angrily to the refusal to detain his son's attackers, the police instructed him to file a complaint.

The boy's family has suffered from Arab violence in the past. The family's son-in-law, Aharon Banita Bennett, was murdered in a terrorist stabbing attack in Jerusalem's Old City two years ago. The boy's older sister, Adelle, was stabbed 17 times during the attack and survived.

The family turned to the Honenu legal organization following the failure of the police to act on the attack on their son. Attorney Menashe Yaddo sent an urgent letter to the commander of the Jerusalem District Police, detailing the stages of the incident and the police officer's outrageous behavior. He also demanded that the rioters be stopped immediately through the use of cameras installed in the area.

"This is a very serious case of a brutal and violent attack on a Jewish child for no reason, who has already suffered a very serious trauma from the terrorist attack [two] years ago," Yaddo said.

"For some reason, the policeman did not respond to the demand to stop the attackers, and left them free to walk, and we hope that they will carry out the arrest as soon as possible," he added.