Gadi Eizenkot  
Gadi Eizenkot IDF Spokesman

Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot spoke at a conference in memory of former Mossad head Meir Dagan and discussed regional issues. The conference tool place at the initiative of the S. Daniel Abraham Center for Strategic Dialogue at the Netanya Academic College. Other attendees included Mossad Director-General Yossi Cohen, former Mossad heads Tamir Fardo and Danny Yatom, General (Res.) Amos Gilad, Prof. Zvi Arad, head of the Netanya academic college and other senior members of academia and the security establishment.

Eizenkot opened the conference and said that "despite the Syrian civil war which has been going on for six years in Syria, we succeeded in maintaining quiet on the northern border, protecting our interests in the northern sector and ensuring that whoever should not be gaining strength did not gain strength."

Regarding the threats against Israel, the Chief of Staff identified four threats to Israel, three of them old threats and the other relatively new.

"The first threat is conventional and has accompanied Israel since it was established. Armies with aerial capabilities, firepower, a threat which still exists. The second threat is chemical-biological weapons. We see regular use of tactical chemical weapons in the warfare in Syria during the last few years. The third threat is non-conventional. Terror, guerilla warfare, underground warfare, projectiles and the fact that terrorists now have states backing them.

" A relatively new threat is the cyber warfare which has grown significantly in the last few years and changed our strategic approach within the army and at the political level.

"Hezbollah is active in Lebanon and Syria, on the one hand it is gaining battle experience which cannot be underestimated and it has changed its internal, economic and leadership formations. According to foreign reports the Hezbollah chief of staff was eliminated by his own officers and this demonstrates the cruelty of the organization," said Eizenkot.

In memory of Meir Dagan, Eizenkot recounted that "in 1998 as OC Northern Command, Dagan initiated an IDF training session involving a full reserve draft and I participated as commander of the Golani brigade. In the next few months, we will conduct a similar training session for the first time since then and this time it will be named for Meir Dagan. Meir worked his entire life to strengthen the security of Israel and was a role model for many Israelis."