Scene of terror attack in Jerusalem
Scene of terror attack in Jerusalem Photo: MDA

Tour Guide Ethan Rond was guiding a group of IDF cadets from IDF Base 1 officer's training program when a terrorist rammed into the soldiers with a truck.

Rond said that he saw the truck drive in reverse and then forward after it initially rammed the soldiers in order to maximize casualties.

He told Army Radio: "I saw a truck heading for us at very high speed. It knocked me down and I rolled over several times on the grass. [At first] I thought it was an accident."

"I started to realize what was happening when the truck went into reverse [in order to drive forward again and hit more people]. I realized it was not an accident. I checked that I still had my gun on me and began to shoot [at the driver]."

Rond killed the terrorist, preventing further injuries and loss of life.

Four people were killed and at least fifteen were wounded during the terrorist attack.