Roi Harel
Roi HarelHezki Ezra

Roi Harel, the resident of the Hayovel neighborhood of Eli in the Binyamin region of Samaria who fought off two Arab terrorists who broke into his house and attacked him on Wednesday morning, later described the attack.

The two 17-year-old terrorists from the adjacent Arab town of Karyut were waiting outside the door and forced their way in while armed with a knife, clubs and an improvised handgun. Roi, a reserve soldier, was lightly wounded as he pushed them out, and was hospitalized at Shaare Tzedek Hospital in Jerusalem. The terrorists fled, before being shot dead by security forces.

"I went to leave the house, to put things in the car, and two terrorists were standing at my door, youths, they looked around 15 or 16, dressed in dark clothes with wooden clubs in their hands," Harel told Army Radio.

"They jumped on me with the clubs and succeeded in entering the home."

Harel described how the terrorists nearly made it all the way to the bedrooms where his wife and five children were.

"After several minutes I succeeded in pushing them out as they were hitting me. I succeeded in pushing them, and closing the door," he said.

"After the security forces arrived and we opened the door, we saw that a knife of around 20 centimeters (nearly 8 inches - ed.) was stuck in the door. That apparently was the plan for afterwards."

After the terrorists gave up on his home they tried to attack the soldiers and were shot dead.

"We need to remember that it isn't just me in a war for my home, we all are together in the war for our home," said Harel.