Ayelet Shaked
Ayelet Shaked Flash 90

Associates of the Minister of Justice Ayelet Shaked strongly reject the allegations made Monday by MK Elazar Stern (Yesh Atid), whereby he accused Shaked for harming women’s representation.

Stern's comments were made following the decision of the Ministerial Committee on Legislation to reject the bill to add women to the selection committee of the chief rabbis.

"She did not even try to challenge the law. What would she say to so many religious women who voted for her to represent them?” said Stern.

Minister Shaked’s associates rejected Stern’s claims saying, "We regret that MK Stern is trying to make a media uproar at Shaked’s expense".

"The bill did not pass because of the coalition agreement that the government signed regarding religion and state. Contrary to the claims, Minister Shaked refrained from voting,” Sheked’s associates added.

The associates illustrated some of Shaked's achievements in support of women in society. "Minister Shaked worked in the previous and current Knesset on behalf of women. The advancement of Arab and haredi women in the labor market, comparing the debentures in family law, appointing 30 women judiciaries in the past year, helping victims of sexual assault receive legal assistance, and much more.”

"We want to let MK Stern know that there are other ways to stand out in the opposition- more self-action, less attacking others".

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