Police will not launch a criminal investigation into the publication of an animated video that portrays leftists as following in the footsteps of Jewish collaborators with anti-Semites, Kol Israel public radio reported Tuesday.

The video was produced by the by Samaria Residents' Council, which is funded by the Samaria Regional Council. Its message is that while leftists may think that Europe has changed since the Holocaust, the Europeans see them in the same way as they saw Jews in those dark days – as they pay them money to betray their countrymen.

It is called “The Eternal Jew?” – just like the title of the infamous 1940 Nazi propaganda film, but with a question mark at the end.

The video shows a hook-nosed figure accepting repeated payments of euros from a German-accented master called “Herr Stürmer” – like the infamous Nazi publication Der Stürmer– for carrying out various provocations that are used in leftist-controlled media to portray Israel in a bad light: from sawing down trees in order to blame “the settlers,” to manufacturing faux news reports about supposed IDF cruelty and abuse of Arab human rights.

The video ends with the German master suggesting that the Jew “take care” of himself – and the Jew ending his own life.