The drug-soaked clothes
The drug-soaked clothes Police Spokesperson Unit

Central district police officers at Ben Gurion International Airport this week arrested a member of a crime organization who was trying to smuggle liquid cocaine into Israel.

The officers, who were from the Lahish precinct, arrested the man after he landed on a return flight from Spain.

In his possession was a suitcase with clothes soaked in a suspicious liquid, which under a police check turned out to be liquid cocaine. The overall weight of the clothes and the drugs was 11 kilograms (over 24 pounds).

The suspect, a 23-year-old resident of the southern agricultural "moshav" community of Sde Uziyahu, located outside of Ashdod, linked himself to the suspicions that he was trafficking drugs, under police investigation.

His investigation continues after the Ashkelon Magistrates Court extended his detention on Tuesday by eight days.

Just a day later, during the nighttime hours of early Wednesday morning, police were busy fighting the war on drugs again as they busted a marijuana farm in the industrial district of Netivot, a southern community near Gaza.

Over 300 marijuana plants were found, reports Walla!, along with an additional room that housed even more of the plants.

The bust was a joint operation between officers from the Central and Negev districts, along with the Netivot precinct and Border Patrol officers.Three residents of the central coastal region were arrested and brought to court for an extension of their detention.

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