Purim party
Purim party Flash 90

Sderot and its environs may have come under terrorist missile fire in the past few days, but preparations for Purim at the Hesder Yeshiva at Sderot continue unabated.

Over 700 students are expected to be present at the yeshiva Saturday, to mark Shabbat Zachor – the Sabbath service that precedes Purim, in which Jews are reminded to wipe the memory of Amalek from the face of the Earth.

The experience will peak Saturday evening, when numerous residents of Sderot are expected to join the yeshiva for the Purim party. “Along with all the city's residents, we are preparing for a Sabbath and Purim that are full of the power of Torah and joy,” Yeshiva Dean Rabbi David Fendel said. “The Palestinians want to destroy and break our spirit, but our answer is more joy, more building and more Torah.”

"Despite and especially because of the Kassams, the city of Sderot and the Hesder Yeshiva in Sderot are going to celebrate Purim with greater fervor,” said Rabbi Hagai Londin, an educator in the yeshiva. “The spine of the nation of Israel is not broken so quickly.”

Yeshiva Director Michael Simantov added that the campuses at the yeshiva are fortified and protected. “One can sit in the study halls without any fear and study Torah in safety. Thank G-d, there is not enough room to hold all of the students. The fire and we build and grow.”