Damage to saplings
Damage to saplingsEliyahu Afarsemon

Arabs are the culprits behind the destruction Saturday of agricultural fields operated by the Jews of Hevron, say the local Jews. According to a resident of Hevron, Haim Bleicher, some of the Jews discovered the destruction, which included the uprooting of saplings, during their Sabbath family outings.

The plot is part of a larger parcel of land that belonged to Jews until 1929, when local Arabs went on an infamous murderous rampage that drove the Jews out. After Hevron was liberated in 1967, some parts of the parcel were handed over to Jews, while others remain in Arab hands. Last year, a five-dunam (appr. 1.25 acre) plot was leased to the Jews of Hevron. Members of a local Arab clan proclaimed that they would have none of this, and accused the settlers of stealing their land.

Bleicher said that the Jews could have handled the objections of the clan if it weren't for leftist-anarchist elements that are constantly inciting the Arabs.

He said that the Jews will soon replant seeds in the plot, after giving the police and army a day or two to document the damage that was caused.