Netanyahu at Har Herzl
Netanyahu at Har HerzlIsrael news photo: Flash 90

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who usually steers clear of passionate rhetoric, called terrorists "subhuman" at the Har Herzl ceremony marking Memorial Day for the IDF's Fallen Soldiers.

His speech focused on the victims of terror – starting with Adelle Biton, the baby who is fighting for her life after an Arab rock ambush in Samaria.

"The rock terror joins the terror of fire bombs, the shootings and the rest of the terror attacks," Netanyahu said. "All of these have felled 2,500 victims."

The terrorists want to us away from our land, he said, and all means are acceptable, in their eyes. "The murderers do not shy away from butchering babies and old people, or innocent bystanders. We will never be like them.

"Terror is not a pestilence from heaven," he said. "It is the work of humans. Usually, of subhumans. We will defeat them."

"There are supposed men of morals who preach to us, day and night," he added. "But I notice that they are not always quick to denounce our enemies when they spill the blood of innocents."