Muslim women wearing niqab
Muslim women wearing niqab Israel news photo: Flash 90

The so-called problem of the Palestinian Authority-Israel struggle actually disguises the real problem of Islamic fundamentalism, Israeli Ambassador to Norway Naim Araidi told the local ABC news outlet. He said that Muslim extremists want to replace modern life in Europe with Islamic Shari'a law.

As for PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, “He does not even represent his wife," according to the ambassador.

Araidi, who earned undergraduate and Msters degrees at Hebrew University and received his Doctorate at Bar-Ilan University, grew up in a Druze village near Haifa. The Druze do not consider themselves Arabs, and their religion is considered “secret” that is neither Muslim or Christian.

Asked by ABC about Israel’s intention to build thousands of homes for Jews in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria and freeze tax transfers to the Palestinian Authority, Ambassador Araidi warned that the real problem is the Muslim fundamentalist  aim to establish Shari'a law , “first in the Middle East and then in Europe.”

“The reason that the Islamic fundamentalists are against Israel is that Israel brought modern life, liberty and democracy to the Middle East,” he added.

He accused the European community of using building for Jews as an excuse to attack Israel while ignoring the fundamental problem.

A new report this week noted that the Islam is the fastest growing religious community in Europe. Dozens of reports the past two years in British newspapers have noted that Shari'a law already is taking effect in several London neighborhoods.

Araidi warned that fundamentalists want to lead the Palestinian Authority, and pointed to events after the Arab Spring rebellions as a harbinger of what is in store if the trend continues. After the ouster of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak, the Muslim Brotherhood swept into power and is trying to lay the foundations for Shari'a law in the country.

Al Qaeda and other Muslim fundamentalist terrorist organizations have taken over a significant position in the civil war against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad with the goal of establishing a Muslim regime.

Araidi said that Tunisia also is facing an era of imposed Islamic law following the revolution two years ago.

As for the Palestinian Authority, Araidi said that PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas “does not even represent his wife” because he has remained in power for years beyond the date that elections were supposed to be held.

“He is not elected; he is not popular, and he does not control his country - how can he go to the United Nations General Assembly and get approval as an observer state?”

A new survey on Tuesday revealed that if elections were held today, Hamas’ de facto Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh would defeat Abbas.

Araidi added that the Palestinian Authority could become an independent country but it has not taken two important steps – recognizing Israel and stopping terrorism.

“It's game over for the Palestinian Authority,” he added. “Neither Arafat or Abbas has managed to accomplish something. Now it is split between the West Bank and Gaza. We simply have no negotiating partner.”