Car hit by missile in Ashkelon
Car hit by missile in Ashkelon Israel news photo: Eliram Moshe

The News and Views Call-In Show with Tamar Yonah has been broadcasting live during the situation in the south. Yonah has been conducting interviews with residents of the south both before and after Operation Pillar of Defense began, chronicling the rocket attacks. 

For the full program, including real-time sirens as missiles are flying through Israel skies, download the mp3 by clicking here.

One such resident is Motti Ben Yitzhack, better known as Mr. Ashkelon. Born the the United Kingdom, Ben Yitzhack has been living in the southern city for years and runs the popular Mr. Ashkelon website. The site features information in English about Ashkelon's weather, local events, real estate listings, and these days, rocket attack reports. 

Ben Yitzhack spoke on Arutz Sheva's live streaming audio cast about day-to-day rushing in and out of bomb shelters. "The situation is horrendous in Ashkelon. However. the Iron Dome has been doing a wonderful job," he stated. "On Friday two rockets came through very close to my home. We are in a high density area and Hamas aims here on purpose. They are deliberately trying to kill and maim civilians," Ben Yitzhack related.

In regards to Operation Pillar of Defense, he said, "Everybody agrees that this is a painful but necessary process. We have to go through because we can't go on living under the constant threat. They fire whenever they wish just to fire them. Enough is enough. Let's go and stop it. We don't want to see any bloodshed, but we have to do what is necessary."

Miriam Goodman, a resident of Maagalim was also interviewed on the program.

Tamar Yonah has also been interviewed about her own personal experiences in Ashkelon by veteran radio broadcaster Bill Handel on KFI AM 640 in California. Her Monday blog entry was featured on Glenn Beck's The Blaze media outlet.

To listen to Tamar Yonah's interviews from souther Israel, download the complete Tamar Yonah program by clicking here

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