Last night they killed an Israeli rabbi

Peace will not come until Palestinian mothers educate their children to go to school instead of killing Jews.

Giulio Meotti

OpEds בנט מנחם את אלמנתו של הרב שבח הי"ד
בנט מנחם את אלמנתו של הרב שבח הי"ד
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The Italian newscasts  celebrated Ahed Tamimi for days, calling her "the icon of the Palestinian struggle against the occupation of Israel". I tried many times to explain to them that what they call "occupation" - the minimal checkpoints, roadblocks, barriers, gates, walls and fences that Israel has in Judea and Samaria - is the vital infrastracture saving Israeli lives.

Do they want to see the world after Israel has put an end to the "occupation"? They must bring 9 million Norwegians, Swiss and Swedes, put them in place of the Israelis and see what happens the day after Israel dismantles all the checkpoints. But they do not want to know. No, they want the Israelis to pay that price in blood.

So last night, Palestinian terrorists killed an Israeli rabbi, Raziel Shevach, father of six children and a paramedic. I have been on that road several times to Nablus, to Havat Gilad. Itai Zar, a neighbor of the victim, welcomed me into his home. During the Second Intifada, Palestinian terrorists killed his brother, Gilad, who was in charge of security.

"This was a very insecure place before we arrived here", Itai told me. "Our hills are at the center of the road between Jordan and the Israeli coast. From here, you see the Azrieli Towers in Tel Aviv. Every terrorist passes by here. Before we arrived, the terrorists would fire at cars from that hill," he pointed out. "There were massacres here".

Unfortunately, the massacres have continued at a slower pace. Another family was destroyed for the crime of being Jewish, but the civilized world and the media do not care. Raziel Shevach was a Jew and  a "settler"- two sins.

The Palestinian terrorist will be captured. And this is what he will receive in prison for the rest of his life: € 2,500 a month, which in the PA areas is equivalent to keeping 20 people. For killing a Jew. Here is the "peace" they preach. Here are the "two states for two peoples".

We Europeans finance their daily jihad against Israel. In 2017, the Palestinian Authority paid $360 million to terrorists in jails. It is the equivalent of 3 years of electricity for Gaza.

Real "peace", which is the cohexistence of these two peoples, will not come until a PA Shalom Akhsav, a Palestinian Peace Now Organization, is created; until Palestinian mothers educate their children to go to school instead of killing Jews; until we see a Haaretz printed in Arabic in Ramallah; until hundreds of thousands of Palestinians cry "peace, not terror" on the road where Raziel Shevach was just killed.

In the desert, Israel is an oasis and peace is just a mirage. Jews must be strong, faithful and not give up an inch to these terrorists.