France is on the way to becoming a 'democratized' Islamic State

France is destroying churches and building mosques on its way to becoming an Islamic State.

Giulio Meotti

OpEds Eiffel Tower in Paris, France
Eiffel Tower in Paris, France
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The Church of Saint Rita is located in the Fifteenth Arrondissement of Paris in Rue François Bonvin. It is a neo-Gothic Catholic building dedicated to Saint Rita of Cascia.

A few days ago, the French police came to evacuate the Catholic Church. It has been sold and it will become a parking lot.

“Do not touch the Saint Rita Church in Paris” is the slogan launched by various associations, evacuated by the police through force. The eviction, announces the prefecture in a statement, has been “calm”. But the video and the photographic documentation show the contrary.

Priests dragged by the legs by the French gendarmerie. In addition, the prefecture does not say that the raid took place inside the sacred building while Mass was being celebrated. Frédéric Lefebvre, former Minister of Commerce at the time of Sarkozy’s presidency, was also present among the faithful along with members of the National Front and the UMP politicians such as Philippe Goujon, mayor of the fifteenth district of Paris, the district where the Saint Rita church is located.

Many French citizens, through social networks, had protested that the operation “was held at a time when the entire Christian community is in mourning” for the killing of Father Jacques Hamel by ISIS terrorists.

Arresting a priest in the middle of mass, what’s that?
A smooth, democratic de-Christianization. “Attacking a church and killing a priest is to profane the Republic,” said President Francois Hollande. And demolishing a church to convert it into a parking lot - what’s that? Arresting a priest in the middle of mass, what’s that?

Olivier Rigaud, the managing director of the building of worship, spoke of a “violent evacuation” during which the priest and several parishioners were “dragged along the floor” and “manhandled” while chanting slogans like “Daesh = police”.

Coptic Egyptians, among others, were interested in preserving the church of Saint Rita. Meanwhile, the priest of the church, Guillaume de Tanoüarn, a founding member of the Institute of the Good Shepherd, celebrated the mass in front of the building.

Part of the political and media sector in France have invested much effort to discredit the church's defenders emphasizing the profile “of far-right traditionalist Catholics.” 

At a time when France is mourning martyr Jacques Hamel, while Dep.Prime Minister Manuel Valls speaks about building new mosques to train imams, while Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve is looking for a new pact between the secular state and Islam, the European churches are abandoned to their fate and brutally demolished in cynical indifference.

This is a democratized Islamic State.