To the Educated West, Israeli Children are Guilty

They are also expendable.

Giulio Meotti

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giulio meott
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A few days ago, The Independent, UK's most liberal newspaper, claimed that Israel is a "child-murdering community". The blood libel of Jews killing Gentile children. A dark legend which began long time ago, in Europe's Middle Ages.

A few days later, an Israeli child, Daniel Tragerman, was killed by a Hamas' rocket. He wasn't able to reach the shelter in time.

We live in a world in which Jewish children die because they don't run more quickly.

No sympathetic obituary was published about Israel's youngest victim of war. Because for the world, which professes the "land for terror" mantra, Israeli children are expendable.

The Palestinian Arab children, however, aren't war victims, but innocent saints, pure little creatures fallen under Israel's cruelty. Jewish children, on the other hand, are considered legitimate targets of hatred.

The West loves to mourn dead Jews so much - instead of respecting the living ones - that it can easily digest one Jewish child killed after another.
If ever there were a group of people who were totally morally bankrupt, it would be the people who call themselves "Palestinians". But these same people, in a kind of witchcraft, persuaded the enlightened West that Jewish children are the scapegoats of "occupation".

Jews don't dance in the streets like barbarians when people are killed. Muslims do. And the West stands behind them.

Jews don't raise their children to be shahids and suicide bombers. Muslims do and their mothers are proud of it. 

For the West, the IDF launching reactive and defensive measures against a war-criminal Hamas is on the same level as a Palestinian Arab purposefully breaking into a civilian house in Itamar and mercilessly slaughtering a 3-month old baby girl.

A very popular Dutch columnist for De Volkskrant, a daily newspaper that prides itself of its progressive journalism (Thomas von den Dunk), blamed the killing in Itamar on the parents; the Jews should not have been there. Those Jews lost their innocence. They now say the same for the Israelis who live in Gaza's belt.

The West loves to mourn dead Jews so much - instead of respecting the living ones - that it can easily digest one Jewish child killed after another.

To educated people with a conscience, the terrorists who killed Daniel should be a disgusting example of how human beings can be turned into monsters by propaganda machines. Should be. But in fact they aren't.

The West never protested against the callous actions of a terrorist organization that uses schools, hospitals and mosques into military caches, turning them into legitimate military targets. 100,000 people in London took the streets to shout anti-Semitic slogans. Isn't it amazing?

There is only an answer to Palestinian Arab Islamic terrorism. First the perpetrators of evil attack must be hunted down and eliminated. Evil must not be allowed to hold sway over the Jewish land.

But also every decent person in the West should think of the beautiful family of Daniel Tragerman as if it were their own family, of the child's sweet innocent face as if it were their own son..