Western Female Furies for Jihad

Giulio Meotti

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July 7, 2005. Germaine Lindsay, a British citizen, a Christian who converted to Islam, blows himself up in the subway at Russell Street, in the center of London, causing the death of twenty-six citizens.

His widow, Samantha Lewthwaite, who also converted to Islam, says in an interview released to The Sun:  "My husband was a simple and generous man. They poisoned his brain.  The last night he entered in the room of Abdullah (the son of 17 months) to kiss him. Then I received a message on the mobile: 'We always will live together'".

Samantha and Germaine met at a pacifist sit-in against the war in Iraq at Hyde Park.  "Jamal wanted to become a lawyer for human rights, he was a man of peace, I was a member of Amnesty International, we wanted to change the world, I really thought I had found the best husband", Samantha confessed to the press.

Lewthwait is the perfect symbol of British multiculturalism: white, woman, liberal, with an university education, the wife of a Muslim.

This week, after a long time in hiding, Samantha Lewthwaite reappeared, with the nickname of the "White Widow". The sweetie was involved in the massacre of sixty-seven people in the shopping center of Nairobi, Kenya. She taught Somalian women to become kamikazes for al Qaeda in the horn of Africa.

In September 2012, Samantha's group threw grenades against a hotel of Mombasa, taking the life of three people who were just watching the European soccer tournament.

She posted a poem about her martyrdom, titled "Perhaps the Paradise, tomorrow", on the internet. She writes: "How beautiful is the Jihad, it is alive in Kenya, it is alive in me".

Nothing is left today of the pale daughter of an English soldier, the fan of David Beckham who collected gossip newspapers.

The story of Lewthwait is that of many white and Western women who choose to die for Allah. These women are the product of Western femminism.

Take  Nicole Mansfield, an American mother from Flint, Michigan, the single mother of a girl named Triana. Nicole died as "martyr" in Syria fighting against Assad.

The sheik Yusuf al Qaradawi, one of the greatest authorities of Sunni Islam, justified this wave of female fighters:  "The participation of women in the operations of martyrdom is one of the most laudable actions of devotion".

It all began with the Palestinian Arab kamikaze Wafa Idris. To her mother, Wafa had said:  "See you later. I am go going the work".  But Wafa reached Jaffa Street in Jerusalem to detonate herself.

Chechnyan women are terrorizing the Russians by participating in suicidal missions. They call them "black widows". In the terrorist attack against the Theater Dubrovka in Moscow, half of the terrorists were women.

In the Netherlands the "sisters of Allah", such as Soumaya, planned to kill the Dutch-Somali dissident Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Malika El Aroud, "the chief propagandist of the holy war in Europe", is the widow of the Tunisian Abdessater Dahmane, one of the bombers who killed the Afghan leader Ahmed Shah Massud on the eve of the 9/11 attacks. Malika lives in a small town in Belgium and every month receives seven hundred euro of unemployment benefits from the generous Belgian welfare department.

There is also the Turkish journalist Defne Bayrak, the wife of Human Khalil Abu Milal Balawi, the Jordanian doctor who killed seven agents of the CIA in Afghanistan.  Defne wrote books like "Bin Laden:  That Guevara of the East".  "I am proud of my husband, martyrdom is a priority of my family", this woman said.

There is Aafia Siddiqi, the Pakistani scientist graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology,condemned for having tried to kill American officers at the moment of her capture in 2008 in Afghanistan.

Aafia is like Colleen Roses and Jamie Paulin-Ramirez, nicknamed by the American media "Jihad Jane" and "Jihad Jamie", two American women, bleached blondes, who participated in a plot to kill Kurt Westergaard, the Danish author of the well-known cartoon of Mohammed.

In the Belgian town of Monceau-sur-Sambre, at number 33 Avenue De l' Europes, lived the first European woman who killed herself for Allah. Muriel Degauque also killed many Iraqi soldiers near Baquba, sixty kilometers north of Baghdad.

These women are like Fusako Shigenobu, "the queen" from Japan, who never regretted having killed dozens with her "red samurais". In May 1972, her commandos killed 26 Jews at Israel's Lod airport.

In September 1977, the famous poet Jean Genet published an article titled "Violence and Brutality" in Le Monde newspaper , in which he distinguished between the negative "brutality" of the Federal Republic of Germany and the positive "violence" of the terrorist Communist band Baader-Meinhof.

Then, the talk was of "the red witch with the kefiah", Ulrike Meinhof. Now it is the the turn of "the white witch of jihad", Samantha Lewthwait.

We are still fighting the mad ideology of these deat- lovers who divide the world, as Ulrike Meinhof said, between "the pigs" and "the human beings".  The Islamists now say "sons of pigs and monkeys".

Samantha is like Erna Petri, married to a senior SS officer, who was returning home after a shopping trip in town when she saw six naked boys huddled in terror by the side of the road. She had heard about some Jews who had escaped from a train taking them to an extermination camp. Erna took the youngsters home, calmed them down and gave them food. Then she led six of them into the woods, lined them up on the edge of a pit and shot them one by one in the back of the neck.

The last photograph of Samantha in western clothes is from the time she attended the Grange Secondary School. That girl poses for the camera in a white blouse and black tie. Then she vanishes into her burqa and declares war on the world of her father, a soldier who fought terrorism in Northern  Ireland.

These converts to Islam executed people in Kenya  if they didn't know the name of Mohammed's mother, just like Erna Petri did in the woods with the six Jewish children.

Oh, my sick sick Europe.