Daniel Ben-Simon

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Former MK Discovers Temple Mount Discrimination

Former Labor MK Daniel Ben-Simon cut short a visit to the Temple Mount after he personally witnessed the discrimination of Jews.

Former Labor MK Shocked to Discover Temple Mount Discrimination

Labor MK Visits Samaria

MK Daniel Ben-Simon (Labor), a strong proponent of giving up lands to the PA, toured the Binyamin region and met local residents.

Labor MK who Supports Land Concessions Visits Samaria

MK's Law: Former Leaders Work for the Community

Labor MK's bill would prohibit former leaders to own private businesses for personal gain for three years after the end of their tenure.

MK's Law to Have Former Leaders Work for the Community

Labor MK's Ideological Struggle

MK Daniel Ben-Simon, on the left-wing end of the left-wing Labor Party, visited Jewish towns in Judea/Samaria & expressed his admiration for them.

Labor MK: I Admire You, But I Have to Fight You