Nuseirat after the operation
Nuseirat after the operationKhaled Ali/Flash90

According to a report by the Jewish Chronicle, Israel received intelligence on May 12 about the location of four hostages in the Nuseirat area in the Gaza Strip.

A team of special forces called ‘Mista’arvim’ was sent to the area of the local market of Nuseirat and, dressed as local Arabs, they gathered intelligence from the field.

The Jewish Chronicle reports that it took 19 days of intelligence work to put together enough information regarding the location and situation of the four hostages.

Before finalizing the operation, another ‘Mista’arvim’ team was sent to Nuseirat. According to the report, this team included female soldiers dressed in hijabs and long black dresses.

The team members presented themselves as two families from Gaza, interested in purchasing a big house in Nuseirat.

The undercover soldiers spoke with locals about the situation in Gaza in wake of the war and the team split to two. Both parts of the team collected information and then, after three hours, confirmed that the four hostages were being held in two homes of Gazan families.