Aviv Kochavi
Aviv KochaviGideon Markowicz/Flash90

Prior to leaving his position next Monday, IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi is demanding to receive the findings of investigations into three serious incidents that occurred in the IDF in recent months, by the end of the week.

Kochavi apparently wishes to leave his successor a clear desk.

On Thursday, the investigation into the break-in at the Sde Teiman base in southern Israel, in the course of which thousands of rounds of ammunition were stolen, is scheduled to come to a close and be published. Sources say that the conclusions will be serious and will include criticism of certain named officers at the base, and also advise admonishments and even dismissals.

According to details revealed following the incident, two infiltrations of the base were not discovered for several days rather than just one, as was publicized. Furthermore, over the past five years, there were a total of six infiltrations. The ISA and police investigation has found that the suspects are eight Bedouins from Tarbin A-San'a in the Negev. The group allegedly prepared to infiltrate the base by scouting it out and keeping it under extended observation, noting weak spots. Then, on the day of the infiltration, they cut the perimeter fence and broke in.

In addition, the conclusions of the investigation into an incident that occurred three months ago in Samaria, during which Staff Sergent Ido Baruch was killed, will be published. The investigation found failures in the performance of security forces, including the fact that soldiers were deployed on the road near Shechem rather than within a secured post.

Another report that will be published is that of the professional committee from the incident during which Sergent Natan Fitoussi was shot and killed by his comrade near the "seamline" in August. The report is an addition to the operational report published last month. The Military Police Investigations Branch has yet to decide whether or not to submit an indictment against the soldier who shot Fitoussi.