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Billions have been spent turning desert sands into soft green grass; futuristic stadiums have been built, as have absurd infrastructure projects that seat hundreds of thousands of spectators, while a billion fans are watching World Cup matches.

Daniel Turgeman, a young boy from southern Israel, would surely be glued to the TV cheering for his hero, Lionel Messi. Daniel wore the shirt of the Argentine icon of world football whenever he could, but he won't be able to watch his favorite player on the football field. Daniel was only four years old when he was killed by a Hamas rocket: the missile that killed him was paid for by Qatar.

From 2012 to 2018, Qatar gave $1.1 billion to Hamas. $1.8 billion over ten years. Billions of dollars: so much Qatar, Qatari banks and Qatari "charities" have sent to the Gaza Strip under Islamist rule since 2007, since Israel withdrew.

Daniel was only four years old when he was killed by a Hamas rocket: the missile that killed him was paid for by Qatar.

Ismail Haniyeh and Khaled Mashaal, the two leaders of Hamas, reside in Doha and travel between Middle Eastern capitals on the Gulfstream jet supplied by the al Thani clan in power in Doha. Hamas deputy Khalil al-Hayya also lives in Doha.

But the Emir is well aware that he could not host a World Cup just by flirting with the Islamic international. Thus, the emirate cultivates a very close relationship with an ever-increasing number of European politicians, lobbyists and journalists. “

Qatar is one of the agents of the Islamization of Europe and it is absolutely scandalous that we are rolling out the red carpet,” said Eric Zemmour.

“Qatar has spent more money on gifts and travel for British MPs in the last year than any other country,” according to the Observer analysis. The Qatari regime gave £251,208 worth of gifts to members of parliament in the 12 months to October 2022, including luxury hotel stays, business class flights and horse racing event tickets. The value of Qatar's gifts was more than the amount spent by the 15 other countries whose governments have donated to British MPs all combined. Records show MPs declared £100,000 worth of gifts from Qatar in the five years to October 2021, but more than double in the past 12 months alone.

Conservative MP David Mundell has accepted gifts worth £7,473 from Qatar. Records show that 34 MPs declared 40 gifts from Qatar in the year to October 2022. Reports had already come out in June that many British MPs were receiving gifts of all kinds from Qatar: Wimbledon tickets, concerts and even vouchers for the McDonald's. It seems that British politicians are at ease in the luxury resorts of Doha with the leaders of Hamas.

The book “Qatar - France, une décennie de diplomatie Culturelle” tells how the Emir of Qatar paid for trips and awarded prizes to France’s former ministers, philosophers, writers, cartoonists and others. The book, by Edwy Plenel, the former editor-in-chief of Le Monde who founded the news site Mediapart, was distributed in Arabic by Doha Magazine and edited by the Ministry of Culture of Qatar.

In the last few days, Italian former MPS, activists and assistants at Europe’s Parliament are being investigated by the Brussels judiciary in an international corruption plot involving Qatari authorities.

Behind Qatar's influence at work in Europe is a mixture of the old human greed and self-hatred of the European elites.

The gas molecules with which Qatar intoxicates Europe, especially after the war in Ukraine, carry with them great political and cultural weight. They bring submission.

It means being accomplices in an operation of conquest by a state that makes no secret of being one of the world's poles of attraction for radical Islam and which, as revealed by the Middle East Forum, has spent a billion dollars on Islamist organizations, many in the West.

Europeans are the useful idiots of Islamization.