Iron Dome battery
Iron Dome batteryBasel Awidat/Flash90

For the first time, the IDF has allowed cameras from an Iranian opposition channel to enter an Iron Dome base in southern Israel and speak with the commanders and soldiers.

"The Iron Dome is only part of Israel's defense system, which includes four different systems which can protect Israel's skies from Hezbollah's and Iran's short- and long-range missiles," Channel 13 News quoted the battery's commander as saying.

The channel in question is the Iran International, which is affiliated with the Iranian opposition. An Israeli journalist of Iranian origins also works for the channel.


During last month's Operation Breaking Dawn in Gaza, 1,175 rockets were fired at Israel, of which 200 fell within Gaza itself.

The Iron Dome intercepted 380 of the rockets fired towards Israel, with a 96% success rate. The system does not intercept those rockets predicted to fall in open areas.