IDF counterterrorism operation
IDF counterterrorism operationIDF spokesperson

The IDF, Israel Security Agency (Shabak), and Israel Border Police forces on Wednesday night conducted counterterrorism activities in a number of locations in Judea and Samaria, including the towns of Zeita, Sinjil, Sabah Al Khir, Ictaba, and Kibel Khart.

As reported, an IDF soldier was hurt in the town of Bruqin during operational activity, when he was shot in his arm by terrorists in the area. The injured soldier was evacuated to a hospital, and the activity continued as planned.

Meanwhile, IDF soldiers operated to apprehend two wanted suspects in the city of Jenin, and IDF forces also apprehended four wanted suspects in the town of Dir Al Basha, as well as confiscated illegal weapons.

While operating to apprehend two wanted suspects in the city of Shechem (Nablus), a number of Palestinian Authority Arabs hurled rocks towards the soldiers, and fire was heard in the area.

ISA forces apprehended two more suspects in the town of Silwad, and IDF soldiers confiscated additional illegal weapons in the Town Kafr Al Pawer.

In total, 14 wanted suspects were apprehended overnight. The suspects were transferred to security forces for further processing.