Zili and a Yamam fighter
Zili and a Yamam fighter Israel Police

Israel Police Commissioner Kobi Shabtai on Tuesday praised the Yamam commander and his unit for their operation in Shechem (Nablus), in which an attempted arrest turned into an elimination of wanted terrorists.

None of the Israeli forces were injured in the firefight, which began after terrorist Ibrahim al-Nablusi refused to allow himself to be arrested and instead opened fire at the Israeli forces.

"Our goal was to bring about the arrest of the wanted terrorists, but we will not hesitate, just as we did not hesitate today, to open fire and use varied weapons in order to thwart and act against any threat and danger to our men," Shabtai said. "Anyone who opposes and endangers the lives of police officers and fighters will be met with a determined and forceful response by Israel Police forces."

"Unfortunately, in our activities in Shechem this morning, a Yamam dog, 'Zili,' was killed," Shabtai added. Zili was "nine years old, a real fighter who walked on four legs."

"In 2019, Zili was sent to a multistory building in Ramallah, where he located and gained control of the terrorist who murdered Ori Ansbacher, until the Yamam fighters arrived to arrest him. Zili was a partner in hundreds of Yamam activities in recent years, and this morning, apparently, he saved with his actions the lives of the fighters.

"We will continue our unrelenting battle against terror, and we will increase our activities in the field when we identify a threat to Israeli civilians or security forces," Shabtai added.

Zili was the only Israeli casualty in Tuesday's shootout. He was killed by the terrorists in Ibrahim al-Nablusi's home, after he was sent into the home to aid in the arrest.

Terrorist Ibrahim al-Nablusi was the fourth member of a terror cell eliminated in February. He was involved in several shooting attacks on Israeli civilians and Givati soldiers near Shechem and at Joseph's Tomb. He and another armed individual fired at the Israeli forces from within the home, and the forces called on al-Nablusi to allow himself to be arrested. When al-Nablusi did not agree, Yamam fighters fired at the home and used special weapons, including shoulder missiles, to eliminate the terrorists. A total of 30 armed terrorists and Arab rioters were injured, at least three of them seriously.

In a recording reported to be of al-Nablusi published on social media, he can be heard saying, "I love you, I am going to die as a shahid (martyr), friends. I love my mother, protect our homeland. Do not leave the rifle, I am besieged and I will die a martyr's death."