Ayelet Shaked
Ayelet Shaked Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Interior Minister Ayelet Shaked, who heads the Zionist Spirit party, on Tuesday morning said that after the November elections, there will not be a broad government that Likud is not part of - even if the Likud's leader is former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

"There is no such thing as a unity government without the Likud," Shaked told Kan Bet. "We are trapped in a dead end after many rounds of elections. Half of the public feels that this is not their country."

She added that she Communications Minister Yoaz Hendel, her number two, "agreed to form a unity government. There is no other alternative. Narrow governments do not last more than a year - the country deserves stability, we need time in order to work."

"The French Law is something that we will not support," she added, referring to a law to grant legal immunity to the prime minister. "We need to know how to agree on things that most of the Zionist forces are willing to live with."

When asked whether Deputy Religious Affairs Minister Matan Kahana (Yamina) would join her new party, Shaked answered, "In the coming days we will sit down and decide the issue together."