What about the Christians and Israelis burned alive?”
What about the Christians and Israelis burned alive?”

Islamic State, which burned the Jordanian pilot alive, now symbolizes the most absolute horror, and is exorcised as “barbaric” and not "true" Islam. A Muslim killed by Muslims, the perfect victim, which fills the Western world's appeasing and empty conscience.

The same collective indignation, the same harsh words on the front pages of Western newspapers, were not seen for the “wrong victims” of other human Islamic bonfires.

Ayala Shapira hovered between life and death, totally ignored by the West.
Two months ago in Pakistan, a Christian couple was burned alive in a brick kiln by an angry crowd of 400 Muslims. The two Christians were married, had three children and Shama was also pregnant. Before that, there were 5 Christians burned alive on the island of Java, Indonesia, after being trapped in a church to which a mob of thousands of Muslims had set fire. And a year ago, 42 Nigerian Christian students were burned alive in a public school in Mamudo by the apocalyptic Boko Haram. But these Christians, turned into human candles, didn’t deserve Western attention, but were treated as pariahs by the West.

And when in the spring of 2004, four American contractors were burned alive and their poor remains hanged from the rafters on the Euphrates in front of a cheering Islamic crowd, there was not only indifference for them, but many Westerners watched their remains cannibalized by the glorious Iraqi people. In the West it was called “resistance” by legions of journalists, writers, diplomato, NGOs and parliaments.

When it comes to Israel, Western public opinion believed all the false stories of Palestinian civilians burned by non-existent phosphorus bombs of the Israeli army. The West not only ignored all the buses, restaurants, café and commercial malls where the Israeli Jews were burned alive by  Palestinian suicide bombers. It encouraged them. A month ago, a young Israeli girl was purposely burned alive in a terrorist attack in Samaria. Ayala Shapira hovered between life and death, totally ignored by the West. In Israel there are children with burned faces, unusable hands, and people who say they do not want to live anymore because they still feel the smell of burning flesh. Who cares for their burned skin?

And what about Ilan Halimi, the first victim of this new wave of anti-Semitism in France, a Jewish boy kidnapped, tortured for two weeks and then burned alive in a shabby Parisian banlieue?   

Christians, Jews, whether American, French or other nationalities … Human pyres not only ignored by the West, but set on fire by shameful Western indifference and complacency. Their blood is water.