Antisemitic flyer from previous incident in US city
Antisemitic flyer from previous incident in US cityScreenshot

A South Dakota town was hit with over 150 antisemitic flyers this week.

Watertown police said that they have taken in least 50 of the flyers but that over 100 additional flyers have been found by residents since Monday morning.

They were contacted Monday at around 7 a.m. about antisemitic flyers inside bags of rice that had been dropped in neighbourhoods in the town. The bags were left alongside streets and on driveways.

Similar antisemitic propaganda flyers in plastic bags weighed down with rice have been found in dozens of locations across the United States in the last two years, with some of the incidents occurring during Jewish holidays.

Watertown Police Patrol Sergeant Scott Price told the Public Opinion that this was the first time the town had dealt with such an incident.

Price said that the perpetrators may be charged with a hate crime depending on the outcome of the investigation. So far, police have no suspects and the flyers did not indicate who was behind their distribution, Price added.