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Continuing a recent disturbing pattern of antisemitic leaflets being dropped in residential areas on weekends, flyers were discovered over the weekend in multiple locations across the United States, including in several Los Angeles suburbs, Fort Myers, Florida, and Colleyville, Texas.

Flyers were found early Sunday afternoon in two suburban locations in the Los Angeles area, NBC Los Angeles reported.

“We have been made aware of antisemitic flyers distributed to a neighborhood in southeast Huntington Beach. We have been in communication with area residents and are actively investigating the situation and source,” the Huntington Beach Police Department tweeted.

Not long after, police in nearby Newport Beach tweeted: “The Newport Beach Police Department is aware of the antisemitic flyers that have been distributed in an eastern Newport Beach neighborhood. Our department is currently working with residents and actively investigating the incident.”

The flyers claimed that "every single aspect of the COVID agenda is Jewish” and that the Biden administration was controlled by Jews.

"It lists a whole bunch of Jewish sounding names, but many of the people aren't Jewish, and Judaism had nothing to do with this… It's a total farce,” Temple Beth Shalom’s Rabbi David Lipper told ABC7.

Tipper said that the flyers began appearing over a year ago and blamed an extremist group from Sonoma, California.

As with previous flyers, the hateful notes were distributed in plastic bags weighed down with rocks.

Only a month after the hostage incident at a synagogue in Colleyville, Texas, the city was plastered over the weekend with antisemitic flyers.

Police said that the flyers were found on Sunday in sandwich bags after being dropped on driveways on Saturday night. There were also flyers reportedly found in Garland, Texas, WFAA reported.

The incident is being reviewed by the FBI’s Dallas branch.

"I am saddened that individuals chose to bring this intolerance to Colleyville," Mayor Richard Newton said in a statement. "These viewpoints do not reflect those I find in our community members.”

He added: “The city unequivocally denounces hate in any form – it has no place in our city."

Flyers in plastic bags weighted down with rice were also found by residents in Fort Myers, Florida. In that case, the flyers featured a caricature of Whoopi Goldberg with the phrase “Antisemitism is a human right #Whites4Whoopi” and the statement “flyer spread randomly without malicious intent” at the bottom.

“This flyer has been repurposed with a symbol for the America First group, which is led by Nicholas Fuentes,” Carla Hill, associate director of the ADL’s Center on Extremism, told NBC2. “It’s a trolling effort by the ‘Goyim Defense League’ against ‘America First’ because they don’t like them.”

Hill confirmed that the flyers were being distributed across the country by members of the hate group.