Scene of the Tel Aviv terror attack
Scene of the Tel Aviv terror attack Avshalom Sassoni/FLASH90

Sources in Israel's defense establishment believe that the Tel Aviv terrorist planned to carry out an additional terror attack after experiencing success in his first attack.

On Thursday, terrorist Ra'ad Hazam carried out a shooting attack in Tel Aviv, killing three people and wounding several others.

According to Kan 11, a contributing factor was the fact that the terrorist saved bullets and arrived at the mosque with the intention of resting before his next round.

In the defense establishment over the past two days, another scenario was suggested - one in which the terrorist had succeeded in hiding from security forces for a week, only to emerge on the first night of Passover to carry out an additional terror attack.

The report also said that the terrorist's family members were hidden and sheltered by terror activists in Jenin. The terrorist's brother is suspected of transporting him in his vehicle from Jenin to the breach in the fence near Umm al-Fahm, but following the terror attack, he disappeared.

The terrorist's father, a former member of the Palestinian Authority security forces, has also refused to appear for questioning.

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