Abir Kara
Abir KaraOlivier Fitousi/Flash90

Deputy Minister MK Abir Kara (Yamina) spoke with Israel National News - Arutz Sheva about the current government's management of the coronavirus pandemic and the compensation packages for businesses which suffered losses due to the fifth wave of the virus.

"I came to the Knesset in order to represent the businesspeople, the entrepreneurs, the manufacturers, the taxpayers, and all of the good citizens who build this country and ensure that our children have a better future," Kara said.

"It's very good that there is no lockdown, but some of the businesses are paying a heavy price because of the existing restrictions."

According to him, "the government is obligated and committed to providing a solution for the business owners who were hurt. The State of Israel has a clear strategy in managing Omicron - protecting those who are especially vulnerable and not reaching the point of a lockdown, no matter what."

"I, personally, will ensure that there are grants for the business owners who were hit," he promised.