Abir Kara
Abir KaraIsrael National News

Former deputy minister Abir Kara said on Wednesday evening that he supports the judicial reform proposed by the government, telling Radio Kol Chai, "I support the judicial reform. I think it is necessary and should have happened a long time ago."

"The reform is not the problem. Since the government took office, there has been uncertainty and the economy is harmed in such a situation," Kara added. "When economists issue a warning letter, it definitely harms the economy, it harms the certainty of investors. When the high-tech industry has voices who say they want to get out of here, it can be very dangerous. The economy can be harmed."

Kara explained that "the uncertainty is because the government wants to make changes that are too big and in defiance of a so-called opposing party. We and them. There is no second party. This idea that they tried to separate us creates instability. The debate is only yes Bibi or no Bibi. This is not about right-wing and left-wing."

"We established a government that turned out to be one of the best we had from an economic standpoint," he claimed of the previous government. "Today's government has full leftist economic views."

He stressed, "I would not suggest underestimating the threat to the economy. Yes, I would expect the government to bring Gantz and Lapid to the table and do the reform by agreement. Lapid already agreed to large parts of it in 2014."

Kara added, "The reform is correct, but the way it is being carried out is crooked. The people's fear is justified because they see a government with very dubious figures and very extreme statements. This fear is met with contempt."