Yair Netanyahu
Yair NetanyahuFlash 90

Yair Netanyahu, the son of Opposition Leader Benjamin Netanyahu, questioned whether human activity was the cause of climate change following the publication of a State comptroller report which found Israel is not prepared for the effects of climate change,

"If global warming is made by man, how come the world is going through phases of warming and cooling for billions of years? In fact- the world experienced a massive global warming at end of the last ice age, more than 10 thousand years ago, when man lived in caves," Netanyahu wrote on Twitter.

In another tweet in Hebrew, he wrote: "Israel is 0.0000008% of humanity. Not even a small town in China. How the hell are we related to the issue of global warming?! Do you not understand that this is a delusional excuse to promote progressive and communist laws?!"

The report by State Comptroller Matanyahu Engelman states that the State of Israel is not prepared for the climate crisis and that Israeli policy on the issue has not adapted to the extent of the problem yet.

According to the comptroller, 84% of public bodies have no plan at all to deal with the climate crisis.

The document states that Israel is one of the few countries in the world that does not yet operate on the basis of a budgeted and approved national deployment plan, even though it is in an area that is at increased risk and therefore even more exposed to the risks of climate change.