Border policeman guarding Halamish
Border policeman guarding Halamish Flash 90

The IDF's Binyamin Brigade recently launched an advanced observation balloon near the town of Halamish in western Samaria to maximize data collection in the area and upgrade protection of the village and army preparatory yeshiva adjacent to it.

The IDF says the balloon is equipped with advanced capabilities that enable day and night photography. In addition, it can be used to locate rioters seeking to harm motorists on the Trans-Benjamin route rock-throwing attacks.

A few days ago, a successful joint operation was carried out by the collection team and soldiers of the 94th Battalion, who are assuming responsibility for the sector. As part of the operation, two rioters were arrested after they threw rocks at the force and while they were on their way to throw rocks at cars travelling the road.

The two were detected by the balloon that photographed them and led to their capture red-handed.

The IDF said that "the Binyamin Brigade will continue to act with determination to ensure security for the residents of the area and to allow for normal quality life, and we will use the most innovative means to intercept as many potential terrorists as possible."

Israeli security forces began upgrading the anti-terror systems in and around Halamish after a July, 2017 terror attack in the town that left three members of the Salomon family dead.